Revisions 2016: Call for Papers

You Can’t Say That! Rewriting Free Speech and Censorship

Are we really free to speak our minds? Most of us would say that free speech is a basic right. Yet, in many different circumstances, we willingly or unwillingly give up this right. For the 13th issue of Revisions: A Journal of Writing, we invite contributions that explore how free speech and censorship affect our words and lives.

Submissions might consider one of the following topics:

  • academic freedom and political expression in the classroom
  • banned books, films, or music
  • social media, anonymity, and internet harassment/trolling
  • political correctness
  • hate speech or inflammatory symbols
  • justifying censorship
  • biting your tongue with friends, family, and co-workers
  • protest, policing, and surveillance

We invite Queens College students, faculty, and staff to contribute articles (roughly 500-1500 words) and images. Submissions are due November 8, 2015. Please submit a .doc or .jpeg file as an attachment to, including the word “Articles” or “Images” in your subject line. See the Writing at Queens website for past issues and more information.

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