Website Evaluation Exercise

Using a search engine, find what you consider to be a useful website on the topic of:


Please answer the following questions.

Name of web site, if any____________________________________________________

URL (web address):________________________________________________________

What search engine or metasearch engine did you use? __________________________

How reliable, do you think, is the information on this website? _____________________________________

Please answer the following Questions, as you evaluate this web site, by circling either. Y (yes) or. N(No);



1. Author/Organization is identifiable; i.e. biographical information about the author or Y N

institutional affiliation and address are offered.

2. Sponsor/location of the site (identified by URL or web address) is appropriate to the  Y N

website's material, i.e. .edu for educational or research material.

3. Contact information for the author or producer is included in the document. Y N

4. Mail-to link is offered for submission of questions or comments.  Y N



5. Document includes a list of additional print and electronic sources.  Y N

6. Links included appear relevant and appropriate to the site.  Y N



7. Document. includes a publication date or "Iast updated" date that is current.  Y N

8. Document includes a date of copyright/publication.  Y N



9. Intended audience is easily identifiable.  Y N

10. Intent of information (to inform, teach, sell, persuade, entertain or enlighten)  Y N

is clearly stated or implied.



11. Document includes a bibliography.  Y N

12. Author alludes to or displays knowledge of related sources, with proper attribution.  Y N

13. Author provides both sides of the argument with no evidence of bias.  Y N



14. Site is laid out clearly and logically with well-organized subsections.  Y N

15. Site is easy to navigate, including clearly labeled Back, Home, Go To Top  Y N

icons/links and internal indexing links on lengthy pages.

16. Site loads quickly and is readily accessible. Y N

17. Graphics and art serve a function.  Y         N

18. All links to remote sites work.  Y         N

19. Writing style is appropriate for the intended audience.  Y N

20. Text follows basic rules of grammar, spelling and literary composition.  Y         N

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