Revisions 2017-18 Call for Papers: Millennials Are Killing Everything

Millennials have been accused of killing everything, from napkins to dinner dates to small talk. Why are people so eager to blame millennials for changing the status quo? This new anxiety over millennials oversimplifies society's changing relationship to writing, politics, culture, and the economy. For the 15th issue of Revisions, we invite contributions that question and explore how the world is changing for the generation born near the end of the last millennium and how millennials are making the world a better and worse place.

Submissions might consider one of the following characteristics of the millennial:

Millennials × Writing

  • Their use of memes, gifs, emojis, and video as new forms of writing
  • Their use of new slang like woke, fam, lit, bae, af, or rn in communication
  • Their changing reading habits and attention spans

Millennials × Politics

  • Their activism and cultures of protest such as #BLM or #OWS
  • Their use of Facebook, Reddit, 4chan, or Twitter to engage in politics
  • Their civic engagement in local, national, and global issues

Millennials × Culture

  • Their approaches to dating and relationships
  • The rise of the selfie and social media
  • Their food choices: avocado toast and craft beer
  • Their perspectives on gender and gender fluidity

Millennials × Economy

  • The shift towards online consumerism
  • The gig economy: Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Mechanical Turk
  • "There's an app for that."
  • Their bleak economic future: home ownership, student loan debt, and credit cards

We invite Queens College students, faculty, and staff to contribute articles, images, and memes (no more than 1,000 words). Submissions are due Wednesday, November 1. Please submit a .doc and/or .jpeg file as an attachment to qcrevisions@gmail.com, including the word "Articles," "Images," or "Memes" in your subject line. See the Writing at Queens website for past issues and more information: http://writingatqueens.qc.cuny.edu/revisions.

Folded unicorn by Flickr user yosuke muroya.

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