Jeffrey Binder

Jeffrey Binder
Writing Fellow

Jeffrey Binder is a PhD candidate in the English program at the Graduate Center, CUNY.  His scholarship places contemporary technologies in dialogue with intellectual history, especially focusing on the Enlightenment and Romanticism.  His dissertation looks at changing attitudes toward ordinary language, poetry, and mathematical symbols from the seventeenth century through the nineteenth, arguing that the rise of algorithmic computation represents a fundamental break with the Enlightenment goal of creating a unified body of rational knowledge.  With Collin Jennings, he developed the Networked Corpus, a digital project that looks at a text-mining method known as topic modeling in comparison with a subject index from the Scottish Enlightenment.  He also developed a web-based program called the Distance Machine, which visualizes patterns in a large corpus in relation to a single text.  His work has appeared in American Literature, ELHLiterary and Linguistic Computing, and Debates in the Digital Humanities 2016.

Date: September 08, 2017

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