LexisNexis Exercise

LexisNexis is a full text newspaper index.  It covers national and international news, as well as legal and company information.

We are going to do an exercise which will help you understand how LexisNexis works.


Let us say your professor asks you to write a speech on the effects of immigration on American society.  You are requested to find a newspaper article to support your findings.


You will want to first plan your search strategy.  This will enable you to see if the results you find will be useful to your discussion.  You do this by pulling out key words in your search statement:

  • Immigration
  • American society

You might also want to limit this to a particular part of America, or one city, such as New York City.


On the main LEXISNEXIS screen (GUIDED NEWS), you will see that you can search many ways under Step One: Select a News Category”; by state, national and international news; news wires; transcripts; and foreign-language news.  For the purposes of this assignment, click on the first news type, General News.*

*Please note: General News finds articles from the past twenty years to today's news. It indexes the full text of articles from U.S. and international journals, magazines, newspapers, and newsletters. To search the day's news only, choose Today's News.


  • Find the drop-down menu titled Step Two: Select a News Source. Place your cursor over the down-pointing arrow and click once. You see the different types of publications that you can direct LexisNexis to search in. Select Major Newspapers.


  • In the search boxes marked Step Three: Enter Search Terms, type in the key words of your query, such as immigration and American society, placing one term in each box.  Change the pull down menu from Headline, Lead Paragraph to Full Text.


  • Change the years in Step Four: Narrow to a specific date range to previous two years.
  • press the Search button.


Change your results from “Sort by Date” to “Sort by Relevance”

While you are reviewing the articles, do you see any that would be helpful to complete the speech assignment described above?

Write down the citation to one good newspaper article (400+ words) on the topic.

Article Title _____________________________________________________________

Newspaper Title __________________________________________________________

Date__________________ Pages_________________________

Finally, try emailing an article to yourself. 

LexisNexis exercise over, thank you!

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