Call for Papers Revisions 2015

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Revisions 2015
Spaces of Multilingualism

Have you ever heard a conversation on the subway in a language that you did not understand? Have you ever entered a room and switched to a different language? For the 12th issue of Revisions, we invite contributions that explore how multilingualism shapes our experience of a range of spaces such as the university, the city, borders, the home, the mind, and online.

Submissions might consider the following questions about multilingual spaces:

• The university: How has being multilingual affected your experience at Queens College? Why or why not should the college require students to learn other languages?

• The city: In what ways have you interacted with other languages in public urban spaces like the subway, park, or street? When do you make strategic choices to speak a language other than English in an urban space?

• Borders: How does multilingualism blur borders? When does language contribute to our sense of national and local identity?

• Home: If you were raised in a multilingual home, how has that shaped you? Does multilingualism strengthen or strain relationships in your family?

• Mind: How does our engagement with different languages shape our dreams, the way we think, and the way we are? Do you use one language to express certain thoughts or feelings and another language for others?

• Online: Has the Internet made your browsing experience more multilingual? Have you used an online translation engine to read a text in a language you do not speak?

For this issue, we invite students, faculty, and staff to contribute features in English (roughly 500-1500 words), shorts in languages other than English (roughly 250 words), and images. Submissions are due November 1, 2014. Please submit a .jpeg or .doc file to, including the word “Shorts,” “Features,” or “Images” in your subject line, and the language of your contribution (if other than English). See the Writing at Queens website ( for past issues and more information.

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