Report on Writing Intensive Courses

Working Group on W Courses Final ReportFrom 2014–2016, Writing at Queens convened an interdisciplinary working group to study all aspects of the Queens College Writing Intensive (W) course requirement, now twenty years old, which was passed by the Academic Faculty Senate to encourage departments to support writing as part of the college’s mission. Our study included current requirements, evidence of success, best pedagogical practices, student perspective on the requirement, which departments offer W classes and how frequently, which majors complete the W requirement, issues with transfer students, and prior studies of the program. This group’s work coincided with two other large assessment projects conducted by Writing at Queens: one of syllabi used in W courses and one of upper­-level student writing in W courses. We conclude by proposing a substantial revision to the Writing Intensive requirement, shifting it to a faculty (rather than course) certification process in order to focus on improving consistency among the courses and to offer better training for faculty in disciplinary ­appropriate writing pedagogy.

The full report may be read here:

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