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Call for Contributions

Revisions Revised

Digital Writing and Queens

Deadline: Apr 24, 2020


We often understand writing as an activity that involves words, paper and pencil, a word processor, in a handful of venues, online and offline. But writing has many faces; we engage with it in our speech, in our stories, in the sounds of our world, and the structures we inhabit. For the 2019-2020 issue of Revisions, we would like to reimagine this space for writing, or to revise Revisions, and we’re inviting you to take part, by way of multimodal compositions. We are seeking work in digital writing formats such as podcasts, video essays, or any other adjacent formats, as a way to interrogate—investigate—writing and Queens. Here is a list of topics these projects might cover:


  • What stories make up living in Queens? What languages, writings, sounds, and images make up these stories?
  • What stories haven’t been told about Queens?
  • What stories can only be told in the language you and your family speak or write?
  • What other stories about our multilingual Queens need to be told?


In short, what stories, experiences, and memories about writing and Queens would you like to leave behind at Queens College?


We welcome a variety of approaches in addressing these questions such as personal reflections, spoken word, interview, or a dialogue with people in Queens—at the college or elsewhere in the borough. Or you can develop an approach that works for you. You are also encouraged to compose your work in multiple languages for the multilingual audience at Queens College and beyond.


For consideration, please send us a link to your work at waq@qc.cuny.edu by February 28, 2020. If accepted, editors and peer reviewers from Writing at Queens, QC Voices, and the Writing Center will work alongside you to prepare your composition to feature in this year’s Revisions


Writing at Queens is proud to offer tools and support with digital/audio recording projects to facilitate your composing process at any stage in preparation of your submission. For any question, please contact us at waq@qc.cuny.edu.  


Submission Guidelines & Tentative Schedule 

Length of the contribution: 4-7 minutes 

Feb 28, 2020: Submission deadline 

Mar 15, 2020: Acceptance notification 

Apr 15, 2020: Revised work deadline 

May 10, 2020: Publication 

We are excited to offer three-week workshop series on “Personal Statement,” beginning next Wednesday (Mar 25). Please check out our website for a link to our first workshop on Mar 25!

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