A Snapshot of QC Voices 2014


Have you been keeping up with QC Voices lately? Below is a snapshot of the thought-provoking work being produced by our selection of student contributors. After receiving over a hundred applications to join our unique publication, ten students have been tirelessly staking claim to a topic of their choice. Their compelling pieces offer a fresh perspective and window into the diversity of our community.


From sports to mathematics, gaming to financial advice, there is something for everyone. Sink your teeth into college-friendly recipes or learn about student activism.


Is Math Fiction? (part 1) from Math in Plain English

I recently spoke to a mathematician who said he only liked reading fiction. “Fiction and math?” someone asked. “No,” he said, “I count math as fiction.” … If you ask people, “Is mathematics fiction or nonfiction?” you get wildly different responses. Some people… (Read More)


Top 5 Gaming Pet Peeves from Video Gaming: More Than Just A Hobby

As a gamer you could spend forty minutes or forty hours with a game and still have an idea about whether you like the game or not.  On the occasion that you might discuss the game casually with a friend you might say something like “the story sucks” or “what’s up with the camera angle, I died like five times trying to jump off of that cliff last night”.  Pet peeves are ubiquitous, but gaming pet peeves are…(Read More)


A Few Questions for Eva from “are you not entertained?”

If you’ve traveled abroad, name all the countries you’ve been to (countries traveled to): “USA, Israel, and Germany. And I was in the EU parliament in France because my school [in Germany] took us there, but that was only for like a few hours, so…(Read More)


Star Wars ‘Awakens’ from Sci-Fi

It’s been in the works for a long time now, but it doesn’t seem real until there’s a trailer for it. Star Wars VII is very real now…(Read More)


Why Vote? from He Said; She Said; What?

VOTING IN THE UNITED STATES So you may be wondering: what does voting do for me and how do I know that my vote makes a difference?   So this post is going to be a little different. It’s a conversation between two of the bloggers, Elana and Adi…here goes nothing! (Read More)


One Day of Celebrated Gratitude, 365 of Life from Humans of Queens College

A thankful heart knows that life itself is a gift. One day of gratitude is not enough for each morning that we wake up. “http://qcvoices.qwriting.qc.cuny.edu/2014/11/28/one-day-of-celebrated-gratitude-365-days-of-life/”>(Read More)


Erasing the Stigma: Suicide Awareness and Prevention from Killing Two Bugs With One Book

Every 13.3 minutes, somebody in America takes their own life. Suicide. It’s something we joke about sometimes and something we avoid talking about sometimes. It’s a dark topic, but…(Read More)


College Football Playoff from Sports Weekly

A new tradition is born for college football. Gone are the days where bowl games would decide a national champion. It will no longer take an end of the season ranking to make you fight in a game to decide a winner. Four teams qualify. Two rounds decide…(Read More)


Me and My BF (Black Friday) from The Royal Bank

On November 28, 2014, I did the unthinkable: I immediately jumped out of bed when my alarm went off at 7:30 AM. As a psychology minor, I feel that there should be an official term for my ability to instantly wake up the morning of Black Friday, while I struggle every other day of the year to drag myself out of bed for class, hitting the…(Read More)


Anything but Q-Side… from A Foodie for the Masses

After two years on this campus, I’ve realized one very important thing, SCHOOL FOOD SUCKS. Okay, it’s really not that bad. Some of it is actually quite good. But there has never been a moment where I found myself saying, “Wow, this is…(Read More)



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